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I am very pleased and proud to put my name behind Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin. It is Elizabeth’s inclusive nature and thorough consideration of issues that have made her my number one choice for our next leader. Elizabeth has provided some comprehensive platform ideas that I’m sure we’ll see as policy under her leadership. It’s Elizabeth who has the most comprehensive and well-reasoned plan to ensure that we move forward with integrity, respect and a solid plan for a better Nova Scotia for us all.

Health care needs change at the top. We need to make sure our leaders understand what is happening on the front lines. That is why I voted for Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin as my first choice for PC Leader. Her experience as a registered nurse, as someone who has recruited doctors to her home town and as a successful business person is what we need as the next PC Leader and, hopefully, as Premier

“I first met Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin when she saw my custom made “Family Over Fame” hoodies at a Mount Saint Vincent University basketball game. She’s been a great supporter of the cause ever since. The thing I respect most about Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin is her sincerity. She’s in politics for the right reasons, to serve and to help others. She cares about building the kind of Nova Scotia where everybody gets a fair shot. That’s why I joined the PC Party to vote for Elizabeth as the next party leader and the province’s next Premier.”

Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River

“I have known Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin for close to 30 years. She is a person of integrity with a tremendous vision of where she wants to lead Nova Scotia. For the first time in my life, I am joining the PC Party of Nova Scotia to support Elizabeth as the party’s next leader and Nova Scotia’s next Premier.”


I’ve had the privilege of serving two Premiers in Nova Scotia for over five years. I’ve made my choice for our next leader in Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin. I believe that Elizabeth is right for the PC Party of Nova Scotia and has a great combination of practical business vision and experience that is currently lacking in how public services are delivered to Nova Scotians. She is always willing to listen and challenge the status quo and is not afraid to say what needs to be said in order to keep people moving forward to better choices. Elizabeth can navigate issues with empathy and determination, a rare leadership skill set needed by Nova Scotians, that will lead to sustainable solutions to the issues we face everyday.

Halifax Needham

“Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin’s commitment to reducing poverty and her real life experience in health care reflect the kind of leadership Nova Scotia needs in the Premier’s Office. Let’s make a break from the past and embrace a new kind of leader in Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin.”

2014 Rural Physician of the Year

“What’s missing in health care is leadership. Leadership that reflects a willingness to listen, a curious intellect, a background that connects with front-line professionals, compassion for workers, patients and their families and an ability to communicate. These are the characteristics I see in Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin. That’s why I joined the PC Party to support Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin to be the next PC leader and Nova Scotia’s next Premier.

Elizabeth understands that people are better able to accept change, when they are part of the change. I have always known Elizabeth as someone who is able to sit
down with front-line health professionals and listen to what’s going on.

Elizabeth is unafraid to ask the tough questions and find solutions where most politicians fear to tread. Elizabeth has the credentials and qualities that we need in the Premier’s Office. She’s the new way for our province.”


I have reviewed the platforms of every candidate for the leadership of our party in detail. Our business community in Nova Scotia needs to compete on a global level in 2018 and beyond. The forces of the status quo say we can’t do this. Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin is the only candidate with a plan to end Nova Scotia’s high tax, low growth status quo. Let’s invest in our people with a Mega Tax Break. That’s what Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin is standing for. That’s why I’m part of a growing team standing with her.

Halifax Citadel- Sable Island

“I encourage doctors and other front line health care professionals to mobilize, join the PC Party and choose the person who will likely be the next Premier. The best person in this race to provide new leadership for better health care is Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin. I am grateful with the meaningful role Elizabeth is asking health care professionals to play to make lasting, meaningful improvements to health care to benefit patients and their families.”

Halifax Citadel-Sable Island, Former MP

I believe it is time for our PC Party to make a fresh start. Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin can connect us more closely with a wide range of Nova Scotia voters. Elizabeth brings the kind of hands on leadership experience we need in government: in health care, in business and in getting things done. Elizabeth has the heart, the guts and the smarts to make a real difference. Nova Scotia needs Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin! And to make that happen, it’s time for our party to open the door to new people, new ideas and new leadership.

Cumberland North, Retired Registered Nurse

I worked for Elizabeth Smith McCrossin as a Family practice Nurse promoting Illness prevention and Chronic Disease Management. I found Elizabeth to be a supportive ,compassionate and professional employer .She had a vision for providing optimum care to improve the lives of those patients dealing with chronic disease and promotion of health and wellness.
Elizabeth invested in me as an employee so that my increase in skill and knowledge would benefit the patients in our care.Elizabeth has a passion for people and a desire to improve outcomes.
On a personal note she demonstrated to me care and deep understanding while I was dealing with the illness and subsequent death of my mother. She allowed me the freedom to take the time necessary so I could help care for my mother at home .I will never forget that gift.
Elizabeth demonstrated to me great leadership skills as an employer and a nurse .I believe these skills will benefit our province


“Finally, a fresh new candidate with full independence to tackle the issues. We desperately need a leader from the health care field to address a life and death issue that truly is in crisis. After discussions with Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin, it’s obvious she can handle the other issues as well and finally pull Nova Scotia out of the past. She’s also concerned about those in poverty and I suspect will find better solutions than guaranteed annual incomes, which will only destroy motivation to work"

Halifax Atlantic

“As an educator, i want a leader and a premier who will listen, ask questions and take the time to connect.What I like about Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin is her ability to lead through a collaborative approach. Her passion for working with people on the Front lines to improve the classroom experience for children and young people is what we need in the Premier’s Office. In a province with so much poverty, Elizabeth’s commitment to helping our most vulnerable citizens is what we need in the Premier’s Office. That is why I have joined the PC Party and am supporting Elizabeth for Leader.”

Former MLA & Speaker of the Legislature

“Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin is the best person to lead our party. Elizabeth speaks to the issues that I consider important to Nova Scotia: strengthening our economy, improving health care and reducing poverty. Elizabeth embraces the very best of Progressive Conservatism – qualities I first learned to appreciate during the time of Robert Stanfield as Premier. I invite you to join me and many others in Elizabeth’s growing team across the province. Let’s have the courage to make history and choose a different kind of leader and Premier.”

Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank

“When the Trudeau Liberals portrayed doctors and others last year as tax cheats, with the McNeil Liberals doing little to stand up for doctors, I knew I needed to do more to participate in our democratic process. Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin is not just another politician looking for my vote. She’s a fellow health care professional who understands the challenges my colleagues and I face. She’s a successful business person who knows what it’s like to create jobs and make payroll. As Nova Scotia struggles under a health care crisis and the worst performing economy in Canada, shouldn’t we choose a leader with real life experience in both areas? That’s why I’m supporting Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin to be the next leader of the PC Party and Nova Scotia’s next Premier.”

Cumberland North

“As someone who has known Elizabeth for over 16 years, I have seen how passionate and committed she is to better health care. Her local leadership in finding solutions to our present health care system crisis is well recognized and greatly appreciated by the medical staff organization at the Cumberland Regional Hospital. We need that focus on solutions and first hand health care experience in the Premier’s Office. I am 100 per cent confident that Elizabeth will fight for what is right for all Nova Scotians.”


“Having worked in government for many years, including several years as an advisor to Nova Scotia’s Deputy Premier, I know how important it is for leaders to set priorities. Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin’s focus and passion for making life better for seniors and their families, starting with a continuing care strategy, is what we need. That’s why I’m supporting Elizabeth as my first choice to be the next PC Leader and Nova Scotia’s best choice be our next Premier.”

« Ayant travaillé au gouvernement pendant de nombreuses années, y compris pendant plusieurs années à titre de conseillère du vice-premier ministre de la Nouvelle-Écosse, je sais à quel point il est important pour les chefs d’établir des priorités. La priorité d’Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin et sa passion pour améliorer la vie des aînés et de leurs familles, en commençant par une stratégie de soins continus, est ce dont nous avons besoin. C’est pourquoi j’appuie Elizabeth en tant que premier choix pour être le prochain leader du Parti PC, et le meilleur choix pour être la prochaine première minister de la Nouvelle-Écosse. »

Kings West

“Elizabeth has taken the time to listen to the people in my region of western Nova Scotia and hear the issues that matter most to them. She’s looking for solutions to our provinces biggest issues and has the leadership skills to move our party and province forward. When I speak with Elizabeth, I know she’s listening, and I know she cares. Those are the qualities we need in a leader for our party. I’m on team Elizabeth.”

Halifax Armdale

“When I first met Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin, she was a breath of fresh air. She spoke from the heart and didn’t sound like just another politician. She has the strength to lead the PC Party and the Province of Nova Scotia in a positive direction. That’s why I’m voting Elizabeth for leader.”

Former Cabinet Minister and MLA

“Now is the time for the PC Party to embrace change, to choose a new voice, to bring about a new focus on Metro Halifax-Dartmouth. I am impressed by Elizabeth’s strength of character, sense of purpose in public life and real-life know how outside
of politics. With her experience as a successful business person and registered nurse, Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin is the best choice for positive change for Nova Scotia Progressive Conservatives. The last health care professional I supported for the PC leadership was John Hamm. I am confident that our party and our province will benefit from having the next generation from the health care professions – Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin – lead us forward.”

Nova Scotia's 21st Premier

“I have known Elizabeth since her 4-H achievement days. She and I have had many chats in recent years. Having served in the Legislature for than 20 years, with 12 years as a Cabinet Minister, I am convinced that Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin has what it takes to be a good party leader and a successful Premier for our province.”

Halifax Citadel - Sable Island

Nova Scotia needs a government led by a person with the skills and experience to lead progressive change in our province. We firmly believe that leader is Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin. She listens, she learns and she succeeds – she has the track record to show it. Elizabeth’s experience as a nurse is important to us- she shows accountability, transparency and skillful knowledge in addressing the needs of vulnerable populations. Nova Scotians have only been made more vulnerable under a government who denies the current healthcare crisis. Elizabeth represents the change we want to see for Nova Scotia, this party and our family. She speaks to the heart of Nova Scotians, and personally represents us as parents, healthcare professionals and citizens who want success for future generations of our beautiful province.”

Pictou Centre

“An avid supporter of all people, Elizabeth is an open minded and caring individual. An accomplished small business person, an experienced health care provider and a valuable member of the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative caucus, Elizabeth is eminently qualified to be the next leader of the Progressive Conservatives of Nova Scotia. A vote for Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin is the best opportunity to ensure a bright and vibrant Nova Scotia.”

Q.C., Cumberland North

“For over 55 years, I have actively believed that political involvement is an important way to contribute to the advancement of our society. I know Elizabeth’s motivations very well. I know her abilities. I am very pleased to support her goals: within our Party and our Province. Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin will make history as the first female Premier of Nova Scotia. I strongly believe that she has the personality and charm needed to appeal to all Nova Scotians in the next general election.”

Cumberland North

“Elizabeth is a hands on kind of a leader who digs in to get the job done. She is not afraid of hard work and she brings this out in others! At the same time, Elizabeth is a compassionate leader who listens to various points of view. At a time when Nova Scotians want change from the same old politics, Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin is the leader we need for the PC Party and the Premier we need for Nova Scotia.”

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