Smith-McCrossin statement on $244 million government spending spree

Today, PC leadership candidate Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin released the following statement in response to $244 million of new government spending announcements. 

"March Madness is back in Nova Scotia under Stephen McNeil's Liberals. While much of the spending is welcome, this should have been done through better management of a budget of more than $10 billion, rather than spending a one-time windfall of offshore energy revenues behind closed doors and with zero public consultation. 

"Previous PC governments - both under John Hamm and Rodney MacDonald - established the principle of allocating all or most of one-time offshore dollars through the Offshore Accord and the Crown Share payment to pay down the debt. Hamm put all of the proceeds of the Offshore Accord on the debt, while MacDonald put 70 per cent of the Crown Share proceeds on the debt and 30 per cent towards offshore research, university infrastructure and land conservation.

"As PC Leader and Premier of Nova Scotia, I would introduce legislation to ensure better management of non-renewable resource revenues. And I would consult with Nova Scotians on a responsible formula to be included in this legislation, so that a portion would go to pay down the debt and a portion would go to investments in the priorities of Nova Scotians."

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