Nova Scotia Health Authority & IWK Board appointments miss the mark

The Liberal government’s appointments to the boards of the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) and the IWK Health Centre continue to fall short of what Nova Scotians need, said Progressive Conservative leadership candidate and Cumberland North MLA Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin.

Health and Wellness Minister Randy Delorey announced the appointment of Dr. Cindy Forbes, a former president of the Canadian Medical Association, as a non-voting member of the NSHA board of directors.
“Doctors and medical professionals should be full voting members of the Nova Scotia Health Authority, full stop,” said Smith-McCrossin, who was a registered nurse for more than two decades before being elected MLA in 2017. “Today’s announcement essentially sets up a two-tier board of directors. That’s not a way to rebuild trust with health care professionals and truly involve them in decision-making.”
In October 2017, Smith-McCrossin introduced Bill 59, which would ensure the Nova Scotia Health Authority board of directors has at least two physicians or medical professionals as voting members.
“Let’s just make it the law that the Nova Scotia Health Authority will have medical professionals on the board and not leave it to the whim of politicians,” added Smith-McCrossin.
Smith-McCrossin noted that the new members of the IWK Health Centre board – Robbie Shaw and Cheryl Stewart-Walsh – have deep connections with the Liberal Party.
“Both Mr. Shaw and Ms. Stewart-Walsh appear qualified on paper to serve on the board and their Liberal ties should not be held against them,” said Smith-McCrossin. “But it’s important that the McNeil Liberals are more open about the process on how they came to be appointed.”

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