Smith-McCrossin will fight for new province-wide scholarship program

 Nova Scotia high school students will be eligible for a new scholarship program – worth up to $4,000 per person – under an Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin government.

The Cumberland North MLA and Progressive Conservative leadership made the announcement today as the final pledge included her leadership campaign policy document, entitled BIG Change.
“With Nova Scotians paying among the highest tuition rates in Canada, we need a program that rewards high school students who work hard, go to class and want to pursue education after high school, whether that’s at a university, community college or private career college,” said Smith-McCrossin.  “This program will add an extra incentive to high school students to focus and do well in the classroom, help high school graduates with the cost of post-secondary education or training and encourage attendance at Nova Scotia institutions.  It’s win-win-win.”
The province-wide program would roll out for students attending Nova Scotia high schools at the beginning of the first school year after the election of a PC government led by Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin.  Students would be eligible to earn up to $1,000 per year from grade 9 to 12 based on attendance, discipline records, principal recommendations and grade report card results.  The specific criteria would be determined based on consultation with educators.  Scholarship funds would be overseen and allocated by the Department of Labour and Advanced Education.  Funds would only be used at Nova Scotia universities, Nova Scotia Community College or private career colleges.  The estimated annual cost is $20 million, based on 75 per cent of the 29,000 Nova Scotians attending high school qualifying.
“This scholarship program will provide a clear benefit for high school students who show up, participate in class and work hard,” said Smith-McCrossin.  “The more we can help young people to choose a path of higher learning in Nova Scotia, the better off our society will be.”
A separate scholarship program would be negotiated with Nova Scotia’s 13 First Nations, consistent with Nova Scotia’s responsibilities under the tri-partite agreement on Mi’kmaq education.


Mitchell Maltby

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