Support for Smith-McCrossin’s commitment to continuing care

PC leadership candidate Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin’s commitment to a continuing care strategy and building more long-term care beds has attracted support from a prominent voice speaking out for seniors in need.

Dr. Jeanne Ferguson is a Sydney-based geriatric psychiatrist who has joined with others to establish Families for Quality Eldercare.  This advocacy group is pushing for additional care workers and new long-term care facilities with better quality environments.
"One of the first investments that should be made in long-term care is the creation of stabilization beds, so that patients in long-term care facilities with extreme responsive behaviors have a safe place to prevent injury to themselves, frail co-residents and staff,” said Dr. Ferguson.  “I am delighted that Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin is speaking out on the need to make continuing care investments – focused around a strategy developed with health care professionals and families who are worried about their loved ones.”
Nova Scotia has been without a continuing care strategy to build long-term care beds since the one launched under the previous PC government came to an end in 2015.  As PC Leader, Smith-McCrossin will fight for:

  • A new Continuing Care Strategy to increase the number of long-term care beds to match the demand from the growing seniors’ population;
  • Changes to the Homes for Special Care Act to update staffing ratios that haven’t changed in over 30 years;
  • Hiring nurse practitioners to work in long-term care facilities to help improve care for seniors and manage workload demands;
  • Tough penalties on facilities that aren’t complying with the Homes for Special Care Act.

“Our seniors who have built this province deserve action.  Action to make things better can only happen with a strategy and investments to back it up,” added Smith-McCrossin.  “I am grateful to have a health care professional like Dr. Jeanne Ferguson, who’s also experienced frustrations with the system as a family member of a long-term care resident, provide support for my commitment to continuing care.”

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